Pure Stock Cars

Overview: The Pure Stock Class is closely based on the traditional BSA Pinewood Derby rules and most restrictive division in WIRL racing. Cars racing in this division require stock BSA wheels, standard axles, and a wheelbase of 4 inches or less.


S1 The main body structure must be made of wood. Car is eligible to race for a 12 month period from registration date. (Example: a car registered in November 25th, 2007 is eligible to race until 12 midnight on November 25th, 2008)

 S2. Body Specs:

A. Width - Not to exceed 2 3/4 inches (7cm)

B. Length - Not over 7 inches (17.8 cm)

C. Weight - Not over 5 ounces on scale accurate to 1/10 ounce.

D. Height- Not to exceed 2 3/4 inches (7cm)

E.  Center Rail Clearance Cars must clear the center rail which is 1 3/4 inches wide by 1/4 inch tall along the entire center length of car.

F. Wheelbase No More than 4 1/2 inches from center of front axle slot to center of rear axle slot (11.43cm) 

S3. Body design may be enhanced by adding other stable materials such as plastic or metal. All additions must be firmly attached and conform to the size specifications.

 S4. No part of the car body may protrude in front of the starting peg.

S5. There should be an unpainted, unfinished wood surface on the underside of the car at least 1/2 x 1" (12 x 26 mm) to be used for a WIRL car number stamp.

S6. The following items are PROHIBITED:

A. Springs
. Starting devices or propellants
. Electronic or lighting devices
. Liquids, wet paint, oil, sticky substance, or powders of any kind (other than axle lubrication)
. Glass or excessively fragile parts
. Wheel bearings
Loose objects on car
. Magnets


S7.  BSA wide wheels are required for the stock racing category. Outer wheel surface may be lightly sanded, shaved, or polished to remove surface imperfections and mold casting burrs, but must not be reshaped in any way in an attempt to lighten the wheel, minimize tread contact or alter aerodynamics. The fluting and other BSA markings on the outside wheel area must remain visible.

 S8. The following wheel modifications are PROHIBITED:

A.      Rounding of wheel edges

B.      Grooving, H-cutting or V-cutting

C.      Altering of wheel profile

D.      Narrowing the tread surface

E.      Drilling sidewalls

F.      Hollowing, sanding, or otherwise removing or modifying plastic material from inside the wheel

G.     Filling of wheel surface with any type of material 

S9. There must be at least four wheels on the car, however, it is not required that all four wheels make contact with the track surface. 

S10. The wheels must be attached directly to axle and spin freely. 


S11. Nail or pin type axles are allowed with an overall diameter of no less than .084 inches (2.13mm). Some polishing and/or modification is allowed as long as overall diameter is not reduced. 

S12. Axles must not be connected to any device that mechanically alters rotation and spin.

 S13. Lubricants must be dry on the axle at race time. Wet, oily, or greasy axles are not allowed. Over-application of lubricant which results in excessive shedding onto the track is not allowed. Approved lubricants include (but are not limited to) graphite, Teflon, and Nyloil.

WIRL race organizers reserve the right to reclassify or disqualify any car at their discretion.


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